Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have been studying the new David Austin Rose Catalog....such beauty! I love the new roses for this year....All pink!! One in particular stands out to is PALE pink! It is called Wisley 2008 and is an English Old Rose hybrid. It had approximately 95 petals and is repeat-flowering.It is somewhat like an Old Alba rose. It's fragrance is fresh and fruity with hints of raspberries and Tea. Yum!!!!! This rose won the award for Best Rose for Landscaping in 2009. Its petals are shallowly-cupped and the flower is about three inches across. It is a perfect rosette formation with very pure soft pink color. The petals pale toward the outer edges. The plant is tall and arching...Just beautiful! see!

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  1. I love raspberries and I love tea!! Yum is right. Beautiful website, Janice.